PFAS Services

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large group of man-made chemicals.

They have strong carbon-fluorine bonds, making them extremely durable and resistant to Heat, Oil, Stains, Grease, Water, leading to their widespread use in various products.

PFAS can be sub-divided into various substance groups and some of these substance groups (E.g. PFOA, PFOS) are currently legislated by various national regulators. However, except for a new US legislation TSCA 8(a)(7) there are no global regulations regulating PFAS as a whole. Many PFAS legislations are currently in the pipeline and their legislation is expected soon.

Following are the services we offer for PFAS:

  • End-to-end client PFAS compliance management

  • Supplier PFAS data collection for clients products

  • Determination of PFAS compliance using IMDS data

  • PFAS certificate generation

  • PFAS customer reporting

  • Advise clients on upcoming PFAS legislation

  • Client reporting and analytics

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