Conflict Material Services

Conflict minerals are raw materials mined in areas where armed conflict and human rights abuses are prevalent. The trade in these minerals can directly or indirectly finance these conflicts, perpetuating violence and instability.

CMRT and EMRT are the most widely used templates for conflict mineral reporting.

CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template):

  • Designed to report on conflict minerals, specifically the "3TG": tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold.

  • Intended to comply with regulations like the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States and similar regulations in the European Union.

  • Mandatory for companies required to report on conflict minerals within their supply chain.

  • Focuses on identifying the smelters and refiners used for the 3TG minerals.

EMRT (Extended Minerals Reporting Template):

  • Used for voluntarily reporting on extended minerals, primarily cobalt and mica.

  • Not mandatory but serves as a best practice for responsible sourcing.

  • Helps companies track their sourcing of cobalt and mica and identify their smelters and refiners.

  • Gains increasing importance as concerns rise about the environmental and social impacts of cobalt and mica mining.

Following are the services we offer for Conflict Minerals:

  • End-to-end client Conflict Minerals compliance management

  • Engage with suppliers to collect CMRT/ EMRT

  • Clarify queries of suppliers related to CMRT/ EMRT

  • Validate collected smelter data for accurate smelter reporting

  • Deliver CMRT/ EMRT to clients

  • Client reporting and analytics

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grayscale photo of stone
grayscale photo of stone