BOMcheck Services

BOMcheck is a centralized web database that helps manufacturers keep track of and comply with substance regulations globally. BOMcheck provides tools for suppliers to create standardized declarations in order to respond to the constantly changing and growing REACH Candidate List substances and be up-to-date with the most current RoHS and other compliance regulations.

BOMcheck has become the dominant platform within the Medical Industry for managing and obtaining current compliance data. Notable OEM's using BOMcheck include Philips HC, Siemens Healthineers and GE Healthcare.

BOMcheck provides free annual membership of BOMcheck for small suppliers with a total turnover of less than 3000 Euros/ year. It is currently owned by a renowned SAAS provider Sphera.

Link to BOMcheck portal :

Following are the services we offer for BOMcheck :

  • End-to-end client BOMcheck management

  • Create Regulatory Compliance Declarations (RCD)

  • Answer RCD questionnaire using supplier RCD's or FMD

  • Create Full Material Declarations (FMD)

  • Supplier BOMcheck data collection

  • Supplier BOMcheck validation, risk analysis

  • Customer RCD/ FMD submissions

  • Register organization on BOMcheck portal

  • Client reporting and analytics

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